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19 Sep 2018

How Long Does it Really Take to Lose All Your Progress?

Two words. Life Happens. Don’t let anyone tell you they have never missed a day or messed up. Everyone out there has skipped a workout at some point and has definitely had something happen in their life to where they couldn’t work out. It’s easy to take a few days off but sometimes those few […]

17 Sep 2018

The 4 Biggest Things Women Aren’t Doing in the Gym to Get Real Results

So many women are just straight up frustrated with trying to get the results they really want. Whether it’s to lose weight, build muscle,  creating a healthy lifestyle and just overall looking BOMB – It gets tough when you are on your own, don’t know what you are really doing and knowing if it will […]

11 Sep 2018

How to Get Back On Track After Being Sick

Ugh! So guess what? I’ve been sick with this crazy cold for 3 days now. I am starting to feel better but boy, I was not able to do a thing for 2 whole days. I was so weak, tired and stuffy. Getting the chills, you name it! Right now, I’m still stuffy and my […]