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02 Jan 2019

3 Things to Make 2019 your Best Year Yet

Towards the end of each year it seems like it just gets away from you, doesn’t it? Like time just disappeared and you feel like you haven’t done a thing. That feeling is totally awful and I don’t want you going through that again and again!! Let’s make this year, the last year of not […]

04 Dec 2018

SLEIGH-Bells: Full Body Kettlebell Workout

Can you believe it’s already December?! I sure can’t! To start this month off right I wanted to give you this sleighBELLS workout using only a kettlebell. If you’ve been meaning to start your fitness journey all year, now it the time to start!! Don’t wait until the new year to start changing your habits! […]

07 Nov 2018

Building Your Fit Foundation

When I started my fit journey, I didn’t even touch the weights. All I did was jump on the treadmill or get out on the road to run. I was so embarrassed to go into the gym because I thought I was so weak, couldn’t lift heavy weights and I thought everyone would be looking […]