Body Weight Challenge

Drop the Weights and Use your Body

Too often though, people prioritize these moves over the ability to move their body through space.

During a fat loss phase or when trying to get lean, leaving out bodyweight movements is a huge mistake. Ability to execute difficult calisthenics exercises is a great predictor of body fat percentage.

By focusing less on the scale and more on bodyweight abilities you’ll get the body you want faster by harnessing the power of your body’s adaptive tendencies.

By using bodyweight exercises as finishers, you can still get the benefits, while building fluency in difficult bodyweight exercises.

Use the lower body moves as finishers on the upper body days, and vice versa.

To make these an effective finisher, pair one of the bodyweight moves with a more cardiovascular component like bike sprints, rowing intervals, or even a farmers walk.

Shoot for between 4 and 8 rounds.

If you exercise for the long-term benefits on health and strength as well as wanting to look good naked, bodyweight movements should be an integral part of your training plan.

By getting the ability to move your body through space in a range of different motions, planes, and exercises, you’ll have a huge advantage over those who only train with weights.

Use this challenge as guidelines to get more able and athletic, while looking like someone who can carry a couch of a flight of stairs with ease.

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