TRX Strength Exercises for Runners

The biggest benefit for runners is strength training. A lot of people think you need to solely run to get ‘better’ at it.. Well thats not fully the case.

With incorporating strength training into your routine you can..

  • Prevent Serious Injury
  • Increase Overall Strength

How many times per week should you train?
All day errrrr dayyyy!!
Just kidding, you are not a body builder. Incorporating a 20-30 minute strength training workout 2-3x per week will be extremely beneficial.

Below I listed a few TRX exercises you should be incorporating into your workouts to keep your legs and core strong to keep you running!

TRX Runners

When performing, lift hips slightly up and make sure your back is completely straight. You never want to sink into your lower back so make sure you are keeping your core tight throughout the movement. Drive your heels down to keep the TRX level throughout the whole entire movement.

TRX Bottom Squats

It’s called the bottom squat because you start from the bottom!
You really want to focus on driving your heels into the ground and pushing off your whole entire foot. Keep your back as straight as possible and your chest up. Point your toes out slightly so you can get into a deeper squat.

TRX Single Leg Squat

AKA “pistol squat”

Make sure your core is completely tight and your back is straight. Drive through your heels and push off your whole entire foot, not just your toes. Sink down into the squat as far as you can and come up without completely pulling on the TRX.
Remember, the TRX is just there to guide you through these exercises!

TRX Single Leg Lunges

You always want your torso to be as straight as possible without much leaning forward. This is where your core comes in! So make sure your core is as tight as possible, this will help you from falling forward. Also make sure your knee doesn’t go past your toes.

putting it all together..

4 Rounds
20 TRX Runners
10/each leg TRX Single leg Squat
10-12/each leg TRX Single leg Lunges
20-25 TRX Bottom Squat

Remember, perform at your own pace! Everyone is different. If you need to increase the rounds or the reps.. DO IT! If you are a beginner, no big deal. Try out the exercises, see what you can do and go from there!!

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