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After years of not owning a gym membership and strictly working out from home as well as working out my clients from their very own home, I finally have come up with the ultimate guide to build your at-home gym without spending hundreds of dollars. Gyms can be dirty, overcrowded and just out of the way. Why not be able to dedicate a space in your home to create your very own gym.
How luxurious would it be to not leave your house but still get a killer workout in?


First things first, the towel. You don’t need a fancy $100 yoga mat (yes, there’s yoga mats that are well over $100) If you are working out from home, try a towel. Put it right on the a rug and you won’t slip around. Sometimes yoga mats start tearing apart if you do High Intensity Training on it. They also can hold a lot of bacteria if you are sweat a lot! Try using a towel instead so you can just throw it right in the wash if you need to and even take it to the beach! double whammy!

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Strength training is all the rage and will give you a killer body. Remember, you are investing in yourself. These are items that will last a very long time. Next, buy some dumbbells. I suggest that you shouldn’t go any lower then 5lbs. Most of my clients (even my older ones in their 60’s) lift more than 8lbs in each arm. If they can do it, you can do it too! If you aren’t able to lift 8lbs yet – start with 5lbs and gradually work yourself up to higher weight. Hey! Buying new dumbbells is a great gift to yourself when you are smashing your goals!

Resistance bands are a great way to easily lift more weight. I love to use these especially when traveling. You can put them in a door way or anything else you can anchor them to. (even your own body)

If you think you need to switch it up from the dumbbells, getting kettlebells is a great way to do so. Even buying just one heavier kettlebell (15lbs-30lbs) can amp up your training program. You can use kettlebells for upper or lower body training, even your core!

Pump up with intensity with a slam ball. This is a great piece of equipment you can take outside or do lower intensity work inside your house. You can pick a higher weight to really challenge yourself. You can get in a serious workout with just this ball!

This last item is a little bit pricey but I think this will take your at-home gym to the next level. You will be able to use your own body weight with this so even when you start getting stronger, you will still always be able to challenge yourself with this piece of equipment!

All the pieces of equipment above can be used for your entire body. No muscle will be left out! That really what you want to look for if you a trying to pump of your at-home gym. The more use it can give you, the more effective it will be on the body… and of course all the possibilities of ways you can use it! No workout will be boring with these!

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