Top 10 Tips to Lead a Healthier life

Good food and key nutrients are essential to life and health. Working out and being active comes second to that to lead a healthy fulfilled lifestyle.

In our changing world, there is now a huge emphasis on the promotion of health. (heck yeah!) BUT now since there’s SO much of promotion, it’s hard to navigate your way through and pick out facts that are true and not total B.S.

See, I’m here to help you swim through all this. I want to be totally transparent with you all and give it to you totally straight!

You aren’t going to keep off the weight and live a truly healthy AND happy life if all you do is drink shakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner (what kind of life is that?!) or drink these special teas that are so-called “proven” to burn up fat (and they taste gross). Save your money! Try out these following tips I tell EVERYONE. They are simple, yet hard to adhere to.

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

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