Why Working Out At Home Is So Much More Efficient

Body weight and little to no equipment workouts are getting all the attention now and I totally love it. One question: What's your excuse now? More and more studies are coming out that even doing a 20 minute workout is 10x better than doing nothing at all. This is for all my hard working mom's and business ladies who do it all.

My heart is all in with at-home workouts. I tell my clients to invest in equipment for their house. Nothing crazy either - some dumbbells, jump rope, medicine ball, kettle bell - all of this you can get for under $100 and guess what? That's probably what you are paying per month at a gym but this is your equipment that no dirty smelly guy will be touching and because of that, there won't be wear and tear on it! Let's give cheers to long lasting equipment!

I'm not done yet! I know you want to hear all about these so-called 20 minute workouts I'm raving about. What's the point of going to the gym for only 20 minutes anyway? if you are crunched on time, I say TIME IT! .. Grab your timer on your phone or a clock and do 4 exercises for 20 seconds each, take 10 seconds rest between each exercise and repeat 4x. Do that same thing to create another circuit with 4 different exercises and repeat 4x.
That makes a total working time 16 minutes. With the adequate rest in between each circuit (4 minutes), that puts you at your at 20 minute mark! Try this workout ...

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