Building your At-Home Dream Gym on your Current Gym Membership Budget

So i’ve been doing some research on how much people spend per year on gym memberships. If you don’t already know me, I am a huge advocate of investing in gym equipment to workout at home. Working out at home will knock out the time you spend traveling back and forth to the gym, you won’t have to wait in line for the piece of equipment you need and there won’t be as much wear and tear on your equipment because you will be the only one using it.



You can easily get in a workout without any equipment at all but incorporating fun pieces into your workout is a great way to change things up and keep you going. says the average person spends between $40-$50 per month on a gym membership then you add in the enrollment fee you could be looking at close to $800 per year. That’s a lot right?! You shouldn’t abandon your efforts to improve your health after reading this so you can save money.


I’m not going to tell you to go out and buy $800 worth of equipment all at once. That’s just not realistic. If you literally have nothing to start out with, for a year once a month or every other month I would put aside that $40-$50 you would spend on a gym membership and buy your own equipment with it!


I’m sure in the gym you go to now, you don’t use ALL the equipment they have. So with buying your own gear you will only buy the equipment you actually use so don’t think you’ll end up with a full commercial gym in your house! Since no one but you (maybe your family) will be using your equipment, you will be able to keep those pieces clean and last an extremely long time.


Remember, I don’t expect you to buy all this stuff at once. Start with the basics and go from there. You can even ask your family to buy some of the more pricey stuff for christmas or your birthday! OR what I like to do, if I made serious progress and achieved a goal of mine – instead of going out to binge on food and drink, I will buy myself a piece of equipment to keep me motivated and continue with my routine.


All of these items can be found on Amazon

  • Dumbbells

If you are new, I would suggest starting at 5 lb or 8 lb dumbbells, nothing less! I guarantee after a few months you will be going up to 15lbs easily. Overtime it’s great to have a variety of different weights. Dumbbells can be used for upper body, lower body and even your core.


  • Kettlebells

I love using a heavier kettlebell for lower body work. So many for a kettlebell pick a weight that challenges you more!


  • Resistance bands

This specific pack is amazing. I have these myself and it comes with so many different resistances along with ankle straps for lower body and a door anchor to put in your doorway. It also comes with circle bands so this package is great for the price!


  • Bench

I recently bought this bench and I don’t know what i would do without it now. Unlike a normal stationary bench you can transform this one into different heights, make it a flat bench or have an incline/decline. You can even attach your resistance bands to it to work from. This is seriously the ultimate fitness bench and I recommend everyone buying this instead of a standard bench for their gym especially if you don’t have much space. It’s easy to fold up and store away. It has a non-slip rubber surface and if you want it to feel a little softer on your back when lying down, I just lay a towel over it.


  • TRX Suspension Kit

This is great if you are tight on space, you can easily store this away as well. You can do Upper, Lower and core exercises all while using this suspension system. All of this is using your body weight but you can make there are different modifications to make it harder or easier for your physical level.


  • Slingshot Band

This band is definitely more killer than the rubber ones in the package I had mentioned above. So if you are in for a challenge and really want to shape your booty, this band is perfect for you.


  • Stability ball

Of course! This is great to sit on to do upper body exercises or you can do challenging lower body exercises with this as well as core work. Stability ball is a no brainer and on the cheaper end of equipment. Make sure you pick the right size ball for your weight/height and follow the directions on how much it should properly be blown up to.


  • Medicine ball

Having a ball is a great way to switch it up. You can even do higher intensity work like ball slams to incorporate into your routine that will get your heart rate going. I suggest picking a size ball that is 8lbs to 15lbs. Remember that you can do more than you probably think so don’t be afraid to pick a heavier weight!



Total Cost: $413.46

That price may seem like a lot but just like putting aside money each month to go to the gym, put that same amount of money aside to purchase a piece of equipment every other month. It’s that simple! As time goes on you will be getting more equipment and using every single piece of it. You will be on your way to working out in the luxury of your own home. Your time is super important so make the most of it by working out at-home!


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