3 Things to Make 2019 your Best Year Yet

Towards the end of each year it seems like it just gets away from you, doesn’t it? Like time just disappeared and you feel like you haven’t done a thing. That feeling is totally awful and I don’t want you going through that again and again!! Let’s make this year, the last year of not reaching your goals, what do ya say?!

Here’s a few tips/habits to stay on top of it all 2019:

  1. Have your month planned out, your week planned out and your day planned out.

Have it all planned out. Start with the month goal you want. Then break it down. Figure out what needs to be done week by week to make it happen. Then focus on day by day. This will help you make that big goal of yours seem a little smaller and more attainable! Remember, small action every day will get you to your goals. I love using a whiteboard (or a piece of paper) to write down my goal for the month then I head to my Google Calendar and start scheduling in the weekly tasks I need to get done. After that I block out times for the day to day so I can get to work. If you need help with your schedule, please contact me! Do this every single night, every week and every month.

2. Get an accountability partner.

It doesn’t have to be someone you have to hire. It could be your mom, your boyfriend or husband. Give them the game plan and say “this is my dream and I need your help to kick me into gear and keep me accountable.” Give them your deadlines and just tell them to push you. Explain to them how important it is for you to succeed, if they love you they will help you and may even join you!

3. Practice Discipline

Discipline is what is going to get you up everyday. Discipline is what is going to drive you day and in day out no matter how you are feeling. Having discipline is hard but it needs to happen in 2019 if you want to succeed. Make your bed every single day no matter what. Workout at the same time every single day you are working out, no matter what. Make a set schedule, stick to it and don’t let that little voice inside your head that’s saying, “Oh,  just do it tomorrow, it’s okay.” to interrupt you! Discipline means getting it done no matter what.

I have to say, it won’t be easy but it is possible to reach the goal you have. If you don’t have any one to keep you accountable, I’m here for you girl. Join my private facebook group and join myself and amazing women who motivate and inspire each other each and everyday. CLICK HERE.

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