Here’s Why You Should Take Social Media Breaks & Why I Needed To Do It

I was spending every single day on social media. Constantly being consumed with content, posting photos, blogging, instagramming, snapchatting, texting, filming.. Doing it all every single day, even on vacation. It’s always been hard for me to just disconnect because I thought I just needed to be on here and be engaged constantly to grow my business.

There’s nothing wrong with being on social media at all. There’s such amazing platforms I love and wouldn’t be growing my business like I am without them but sometimes you just need a break.

I just got back from vacation but when I was home, I didn’t feel recharged or inspired to get back on my grind. I didn’t know why!

I figured out that I was literally on my phone my whole vacation scrolling, posting and getting amazing photos. Well.. it’s not all that I did when I was on vacation!!! But it felt like it felt like I was still constantly ‘working’ and not having a break.

Infact, I had the most ‘break’ when I put down my phone for the past two days to recharge, get re-inspired and to rest. It was totally inspiring! I am now ready to get back on my grind without feeling totally overwhelmed.

Are you ready to go on a social media detox?

Here are a few tips for you..

  1. Make it an experience.

Get comfortable. Play your favorite tunes, wear comfy clothes, take your time to cook your favorite meal or put on your face mask and take a bath.

I personally love going for a nice walk without my phone. It’s so freeing! Taking my time and even dragging my boyfriend along to get in a good fun conversation without any distractions.

2. Pick a day

I did two days my first time but I am definitely going to be taking one day off of social media a week so I can recharge.

I’m such a Sunday chick so I will be taking Sundays off of social media so I can get ready for the week ahead full of inspiration and energy. Sundays just feel so relaxing like the world is totally stopped so why not stop myself and get off my phone for the day?

3. Put your electronics away

ugh.. Yes, I admit when I decided to do this, I got off the phone with someone and CAUGHT MYSELF going right to instagram to check it out. I actually stopped myself and said “what the eff is wrong with me!!”

It got real right there, so I just put my phone on the charger in the other room – didn’t even think about it!

4. Keep it going

Don’t just do it once and never do it again. Do it consistently whether it’s once a week, once every two weeks or just once a month. REALLY try to commit to one WHOLE day off!

You will be guaranteed to feel more fully charged and inspired in your life.

Have you ever tried this before? let me know if you did and good luck to those who are deciding to do it!


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