How to Stay Healthy on Vacation While Still Having the Best Time of Your Life

So I have this plan. When it comes to traveling and staying healthy, I know you tend to just freak out. Of course, who wants to be bloated in a bikini?! I’d totally freak out too! If it wasn’t for this plan then all hell would break loose. Get ready because I’m going to tell you all of it.

I don’t know what it is but people feel like they need to go crazy on vacation. Lay around, stuff their faces and ‘relax’

BUT a lot of women come to me prior to their vacation date telling me they need to lose 15lbs before this exact date. It is possible but then they go on vacation, turn crazy and don’t keep their habits going.

I get it.

I want to lay around and do nothing when I’m on vacation too!

But I also don’t want to feel like shit when I wake up everyday and especially when I get home. OH, and of course I don’t want to feel like I totally ruined my progress.

Sometimes it’s okay to just say “fuck it” and go in on that pasta and drinks. I’ve had a couple days on my vacation last week where I just said fuck it and had what I wanted. It’s not a bad thing!

With all that nonsense being said, I want to continue on before I start to lose track of what I’m trying to say here.

My plan is easy to follow and won’t make you feel deprived your entire trip. Let’s have fun on vacation am I right?!

Quinn’s Health/Fitness Tips for Travel:

  1. Stay Active: ALWAYS. When you go on vacation, I feel like there’s always something new to do. I always get curious of new places. I LOVE walking so when I’m traveling, I’m constantly walking and checking out new places. Where I was in Puerto Rico, our house sat on a HUGE hill and the walk was totally insane but the scenery was amazing so I had to do it a few times. I walked my ass off. Go for walks, find some bikes and explore. It’s so much fun and will burn those extra calories!
  2. Breakfast: keep it light. Look for a protein packed breakfast instead of a stack of pancakes loaded with sugar. Having a protein focused meal first thing in the morning will allow you to be a bit more free the rest of the day so you can enjoy some of you favorite foods while you are vacationing.
  3. Alcohol: This can be tough. You are on vacation and of course drinks will be had because YOLO, am I right?! I know this is very cliché and your mom probably tells you all the time but drink a water in between each drink. It’s honestly a life saver. AND at the end of the night no matter how tired you are, I always stay up an extra 30 minutes to just pound as much water as I can so I’m not totally dying in the morning. Try to stay away from the sugary drinks – I know they are delicious but limit yourself to one! There’s nothing like an ice-cold beer for me and some rosé but my go-to is always cucumber vodka (if they have it) with water. It’s SOO refreshing,  will keep you (somewhat) hydrated and isn’t a million calories.
  4. L-Glutamine: OKAY. I’m OBSESSED. It’s a powder substance I put in a tiny bit of water and slug it every morning. It’s been a lifechanger. I’ve always had problems with bloating after eating and this seriously does wonders and have not experienced any bloating since i’ve been taking it. L-Glutamine is great for your gut health. It lines your stomach and helps you better digest things. I know everyone is on this celery juice nonsense but this does the same exact thing without all the clean up.
  5. Emergen-C & Vitamins: The last thing I want to do on vacation is get sick so I always drink the vitamin C Emergen-C and carry my multivitamin. It’s a no brainer!
  6. Pack smart: Don’t forget to bring your running shoes, leggings, a shirt and sports bra. I ALWAYS wear my workout gear to the airport so I don’t have to worry about lugging extra shoes around. Put your tunes on a get a light workout in or walk it out in the morning.
  7. Break a Sweat: Get moving for at least 30 minutes. With a lot of my workouts you can do them in 30 minutes or less. 30 minutes will make a HUGE difference, will help you set the tone for the day and of course make you feel like wonder women on vacation! Check out this workout you can do in under 30 minutes or apply NOW for my Inner Circle 1:1 training where I will train you fully online with a personalized program. No equipment for the week you are going away? No problem. I will change your workouts for that week to fit your needs so you can still get it in, anywhere!

So, avoid the fear of travelling. Plan ahead your mornings so you can sweat and enjoy the rest of your day.

Do you have a specific plan you adhere to when you travel? I would love to hear from you! Comment below.

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