In my programs I use effective training methods and will teach you how to live a well balanced life. It's not all salad! My mission is to show each one of my clients that living a healthy lifestyle isn't what you probably think it is. I personally believe you should be able to eat what you want, when you want. Starvation isn't the answer and depriving yourself from foods you love isn't either! I'm here to guide you through your fitness journey.

About Me

At just 19 years old Quinn created Fitness by Quinn due to her immense passion for health and fitness. Now, Fitness by Quinn looks after many people in-person and online. She shows extreme maturity and intelligence well beyond her years. She is one dedicated, determined and driven individual chasing her dreams! She has already changed many lives in her community and around the world. Her goal is to teach everyone that working out and eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard and that you can workout anywhere just by using your body! She has been featured in multiple fitness magazines and local newspapers as well as guest blogger companies.
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Eating well and exercising won’t ever give you negative effects.
So why not try it?Quinn McNicholas


I know that because you are on my site right now looking around at the ways I can help you. I know you’ve tried everything and you shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed about asking for help.. WE ALL NEED IT. YOU decided yourself you needed this. YOU came to a conclusion and decided you have had ENOUGH and need to take serious action!

Sitting around watching everyone else be happy and health sucks!

I have one thing I ask of from all my clients, you need to be willing to work your ass off for me! You need to be able to FIGHT for what you want and never give up. It’s going to be tough but I believe in you.

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