The 4 Biggest Things Women Aren’t Doing in the Gym to Get Real Results

So many women are just straight up frustrated with trying to get the results they really want. Whether it’s to lose weight, build muscle,  creating a healthy lifestyle and just overall looking BOMB – It gets tough when you are on your own, don’t know what you are really doing and knowing if it will […]

How to Get Back On Track After Being Sick

Ugh! So guess what? I’ve been sick with this crazy cold for 3 days now. I am starting to feel better but boy, I was not able to do a thing for 2 whole days. I was so weak, tired and stuffy. Getting the chills, you name it! Right now, I’m still stuffy and my […]

Plank Variations You NEED to Try Immediately

Planks a a killer full body exercise. Yes, I said full body. This single move primarily works your entire core but it also works your upper body, quads and even your glutes if performed properly. Holding a plank can often seem like forever and can be very hard (even boring) to hold for a long […]

The Right Way to Measure Your Progress

The #1 thing people use to measure their progress and their success is the scale. We get so caught up in the number when there are so many reasons why that number constantly fluctuates. There’s so many different factors that can change the number like the time you weigh in at, if you worked out […]

Rest and Recovery Days

So everyone out there has learned about the lovely “rest days” .. it’s when you take off from your intense workouts to give your body a break to repair your muscles. Some people may go a little overboard on the rest days and take too many or people do the “no days off” type of […]

How to Eat Healthy at a Restaurant

Luckily, now a days, restaurant owners are starting to understand people are trying to be a bit more healthy and conscious about what they are eating so they are starting to put healthier options on the menu. If you go to a chain restaurant, a lot of them now even have the calories right next […]

How to Keep your Skin Pimple Free When you Workout

My skincare routine has changed SOO much throughout the years. In highschool I was super insecure about my skin because I would always get pimples. So of course, at the time I made my mom take me to the dermatologist to see what I can do to make my skin look perfect like the girls […]

Nutrition While Traveling

Nutrition While Traveling   It doesn’t matter where you are traveling to, being prepared is super important when you have goals. It is so easy to eat too much and drink too much while traveling. Whether you are going on a week long vacation or just a boat trip for a day, it’s very important […]

Should You Do Weights or Cardio First?

The first thing you need to do is figure out what your goal is and what you want to improve the most. Let’s say it’s leg day and you want to grow and tone up your glutes. What you should do is focus on exercises that grow your glutes first then move on to what […]