Rest and Recovery Days

So everyone out there has learned about the lovely “rest days” .. it’s when you take off from your intense workouts to give your body a break to repair your muscles. Some people may go a little overboard on the rest days and take too many or people do the “no days off” type of […]

How to Eat Healthy at a Restaurant

Luckily, now a days, restaurant owners are starting to understand people are trying to be a bit more healthy and conscious about what they are eating so they are starting to put healthier options on the menu. If you go to a chain restaurant, a lot of them now even have the calories right next […]

How to Keep your Skin Pimple Free When you Workout

My skincare routine has changed SOO much throughout the years. In highschool I was super insecure about my skin because I would always get pimples. So of course, at the time I made my mom take me to the dermatologist to see what I can do to make my skin look perfect like the girls […]

Nutrition While Traveling

Nutrition While Traveling   It doesn’t matter where you are traveling to, being prepared is super important when you have goals. It is so easy to eat too much and drink too much while traveling. Whether you are going on a week long vacation or just a boat trip for a day, it’s very important […]

Should You Do Weights or Cardio First?

The first thing you need to do is figure out what your goal is and what you want to improve the most. Let’s say it’s leg day and you want to grow and tone up your glutes. What you should do is focus on exercises that grow your glutes first then move on to what […]

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Why Working Out At Home Is So Much More Efficient

Top 10 Tips to Lead a Healthier life

How to Stay on Top of Your Fitness Game during the Holidays

Once Thanksgiving rolls around, everyone is in full holiday mode. It is HARD to prioritize your time, money and your health; all while trying to find time to fit in your family and friends into your busy work week. With all the holiday parties you have on your calendar this December, staying on your diet […]