Should You Train When You’re Sick?

If you feel like you’re coming down with a cold, you can still exercise without limitations. If you begin to feel worse after your workout, however, cut back. Take a few days off or reduce your effort to 50% of your normal capacity. Walk for 15 minutes instead of running for 30 minutes, or do […]

4 Ways Not to Over do it for the Holidays

Holiday season is here again! Mom’s turkey, Grandma’s pie, Auntie’s casserole, brother’s beer contribution … It all needs to be consumed! How do we enjoy all the holiday treats and tradition without overdoing it, and getting off track? Let’s chat about the tips I live by that have helped me stay true to my personal […]

What is your soda doing to you?

Soda gets a bad rap. Well.. it’s a sugary carbonated drink. The average american drinks 56 GALLONS OF SODA PER YEAR! Some people admit of drinking it more than water. With this being said, tons of research has been made to see just how healthy soda really is. Let’s take a look! Reasons to Avoid […]


Check out this 9 page HIIT Guide filled with different workouts and exercises to help you get your best body yet! I want you to feel confident and feel like the best version of yourself. You should be able to go out and fun without feeling guilty, go shopping and pick out the clothes you […]

4 Ways to Burn Fat without Exercising

UGH. Burning fat is the hardest, I know. I am right in the same boat as you are. Below I listed 4 ways to start burning fat without even touching a weight. Crazy, right? Well it works! Try out these small changes and overtime you will be looking slim and trim baby! 1. DRINK WATER […]

The Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets

I know it’s tough, I’ve been there. Proteins have the highest Thermogenesis Induced by the Diet among all the other nutrients (carbohydrates and fats). Explanation: each nutrient (protein, carbohydrate and fat) needs energy to be digested by the gastrointestinal system and then absorbed into the bloodstream. The energy the body burns to digest and absorb […]

Kettle Booty Workout

Exercise #1: This exercise above is a total body exercise which includes strengthen your lower body AND upper body. Pick a weight that you are able to handle and make sure your arm is completely straight. You don’t want the arm with the kettle bell waving around in the air, this could lead to some […]

The 5 AM Club

Ever wonder how people are so motivated, successful and energetic? Yeah, I wondered the same thing when I first started my fitness career. I could not wake up earlier than 10 AM and somehow I still felt tired and unproductive. I honestly thought people were out of their minds for waking up so early. I […]