Body Weight Program

Are you ready to burn fat in 35 minutes or less?

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As a fitness coach, you’d think of me working in a big boxed gym with tons of equipment to work with…

In fact, I’m quite the opposite…

I started with nothing as a coach. I brought my clients and myself back to the basics with bodyweight exercises. I’ve worked with them in parks, in their homes and even on the beach utilizing anything we saw. I’ve helped tons of people, just like you transform their body and mind with just bodyweight exercises… that you can do anywhere!!

My 8 week body weight program works.

And it doesn’t involve going to the gym, working out for countless hours or depriving your body of what it really needs.

I did the brainwork so you don’t have to!

Time is precious

And you shouldn’t be wasting it on workouts that won’t give you the results you want. This program is specifically designed to help busy women like yourself build lean muscle, tone up and gain confidence without going to the gym or changing your entire lifestyle.

  • Fast track your goals with effective workouts that burns fat immediately
  • Burn fat in 35 minutes or less AT home
  • Eat what you want when you want it
  • Be able to workout ANYWHERE

you need an expert

I admit.. this lifestyle is not at all easy.
It takes time and dedication to get you the results you want.


We can’t do it all! We aren’t experts in everything!
I know you’ve been trying everything you’ve seen online but you still aren’t all that happy. The best thing you could do is reach out to an expert to help you tailor the program perfectly for you!!

And with my extreme support, you will never fall off the wagon and feel guilty about it again!

Let me show you how to build the body you’ve always dreamed of!


“I am more positive, confident, and driven than I have ever been – especially about my health. It’s no secret – I have Quinn to thank for that. She pushed me when I couldn’t push myself. She forced me to realize that when I thought I couldn’t, I could. She made me feel accountable – both for my pitfalls and my successes. I am so glad she entered my life when she did – I needed her. More than she may ever truly understand. I needed the motivation she brings, the advice she gives, the encouragement she provides. She has been more than a personal trainer. She is a fitness coach…and she is damn good at what she does.”
-Melissa Willem

This program is fit for those..

Who just don’t have time to workout


Who want to workout like a badass and still have their cake and eat it too


Who don’t have the motivation to get up and workout


Are ready to look in the mirror and see some results?