It's time to work it out

I’m a passionate personal trainer and lifestyle coach. 

I’m here to help YOU change your life and transform your mind and body like never before.

build confidence

Learn how to reach your goals without feeling guilty of skipping a workout or eating what you love.


Get your heart pumping and your mind feeling good. I help you make cardio fun without the treadmill.

Weight lifting

Learn how to properly perform exercises to stay injury free and still getting the results you want.

Featured training options

ONLINE group training

This program is the most affordable and group oriented program on my app where you will be in a group setting and receive 4 weekly workouts. This program is great for anyone who has already worked with me or is more advanced and workout on their own.

ONLINE One-on-one training

Get a fully customized program that fits your needs and your needs ONLY. This program will help you achieve your goals 10x faster because it’s personal. Download my app and have access to me 24/7. 

Click the link to fill out questionnaire to see which program is the best fit for you!

In person one-on-one or Small Group

Ready to reach your goals quicker than ever? Working with me one one one or in a small group setting is a fast track way to get you achieving your goals. You’ll get a fully customized program and I bring all the equipment we need! Learn how you can get a free consultation for your first 1:1 session!

build your own bootcamp

Have a group that wants to get together each week to workout? Pick a spot and I will come with all the equipment to give you a private bootcamp styled workout with your favorite friends! 


These past two years I've been constantly battling myself internally due to my weight and health fluctuating. I hit my heaviest weight and just felt uncomfortable in my own skin. In January, I got laid off and realized I had no excuse NOT to put in the work for myself. I'M DAMN PROUD OF MYSELF. With 6 months prioritizing ME and my health have made a world of a difference. I couldn't have done it on my own and I'm okay with saying that, I've spent 6 months working with @quinnxfit, an amazing friend and trainer, digitally through her app an entire state away. If you need help making that first step, she's your girl.

Marissa P.

I am more positive, confident, and driven than I have ever been – especially about my health. It’s no secret – I have Quinn to thank for that. She pushed me when I couldn’t push myself. She forced me to realize that when I thought I couldn’t, I could. She made me feel accountable – both for my pitfalls and my successes. I am so glad she entered my life when she did – I needed her. More than she may ever truly understand. I needed the motivation she brings, the advice she gives, the encouragement she provides. She has been more than a personal trainer. She is a fitness coach…and she is damn good at what she does.

Melissa W.

Choose Your PLAN

Pick a program that best fits your schedule and goals. All plans offer a full money back guarantee.

Group online training



Weekly Scheduled Workouts

Group Weekly Check-in's

Video Demonstrations of Each Exercise

Generalized Nutrition Ebook

Equipment Needed: Dumbbells, Circle Bands, Bodyweight, Chair/bench

One on One training



Completely Customized Training Program

One-on-One Weekly Personal Check-in's

Video Demonstrations of Each Exercise + Corrective Exercise Plan

Weekly Program Tweaks to Fit Your Schedule

Personalized Suggestions for Nutrition and Lifestyle Habits

Program is based around equipment you have available to you (completely customized to what you have)

**If you are a beginner, I personally suggest starting with the one-on-one Training Program and then graduated to the group training. By working closely together with the one-on-one, we can work on your form and other factors to make sure you remain injury free and feeling confident with all exercises! The group training is best for someone who has already worked with me or is familiar with exercise.