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13 Feb 2019

Here’s How you Can Wake Up Early to Workout

I used to sleep in until 11AM. Now I wake up at 430 every day and if i ‘sleep in’ until 8 for some reason, it feels like my day is already shot. Funny right? I know a lot of you think I’m crazy for waking up so early and are always asking me “How […]

06 Feb 2019

How to Stay Healthy on Vacation While Still Having the Best Time of Your Life

So I have this plan. When it comes to traveling and staying healthy, I know you tend to just freak out. Of course, who wants to be bloated in a bikini?! I’d totally freak out too! If it wasn’t for this plan then all hell would break loose. Get ready because I’m going to tell […]

28 Jan 2019

Here’s Why You Should Take Social Media Breaks & Why I Needed To Do It

I was spending every single day on social media. Constantly being consumed with content, posting photos, blogging, instagramming, snapchatting, texting, filming.. Doing it all every single day, even on vacation. It’s always been hard for me to just disconnect because I thought I just needed to be on here and be engaged constantly to grow […]