How to Keep your Skin Pimple Free When you Workout

My skincare routine has changed SOO much throughout the years. In highschool I was super insecure about my skin because I would always get pimples. So of course, at the time I made my mom take me to the dermatologist to see what I can do to make my skin look perfect like the girls in the magazines (cough cough, that shit ain’t real.. NOW I know)


Well it turns out they couldn’t do much because they said my skin was fine. And to be honest, now that I look back I was dumb as hell thinking my skin was awful. Over the past year I’ve been taking my skincare VERY serious. I try not to wear make-up every single day, I use serums and moisturizers to keep my skin staying hydrated. I am also OBSESSED with the jade roller and ice roller to make it look like I have a face-lift. (it works!)


Especially now since I’m working out and constantly active with my clients, I tend to get superrr sweaty. Soooo that means little awful bumps usually around my forehead.. Does anyone else get these bumps due to sweat? And of course I get hormonal acne when it’s that time of the month. Hormonal acne appears on your chin and your jawline – that’s how you know it’s hormonal. My facialist told me any pimpled you have on your cheeks are from your digestion and how you are eating.


Guess what? It’s true about what you put in your body reflects on your skin. That’s why eating your micronutrients and leafy greens are SO important to keep your skin glowy and pimple free. Not only what you are eating matters but how much water you are drinking. If you aren’t drinking enough water you skin will be dehydrated, so make sure you are drinking enough water to make your skin nice and plump!


Okayyyy now let’s get on to what I put on my face daily to help get all the junk out of my sweaty skin. When you are working out like me, you need to take care of your skin! I found this skincare line that is amazing for all my workout girls.


Every morning and night time I use their face cleanser, serum and SPF moisturizer. This brand specifically leaves my skin feeling smooth and fresh.  Freskincare works wonders for me, their new system is so amazing for girls who workout hard and sweat hard! Their formula is specifically made for girls who sweat every day and helps with those little acne bumps that most people get.. (yes it’s common!)


Now let’s talk about the most important thing you need in your skincare. Yes – all the serums, lotions and potions are great but the biggest thing you need to do to look amazing is sunscreen. I apply sunscreen to my face and neck every single day – even if it’s cloudy and raining.. I put it on anyway! Keeping your skin away from the UV rays will make you look younger! Ever seen someone with untouched skin? Beautiful, wrinkle free and so flawless. Yes, we all want to look sun kissed and all bronzed up so do some fake baking! That simple. Stay away from the sun and still get that summer tan by either going to a tanning salon for a spray tan or doing it at home with yourself.

Freskincare wants YOU to also have amazing skin so they are giving all my followers 25% off!! It’s only valid for 48 hours so be sure to check out their amazing system and try it out. Use the code QUINNX25 which will provide you with 25% off.



Top Tips to Healthy Skin: 

#1. Always wash your face post workout. If you can’t do it right away, make sure you have some face wipes on hand to wipe down your face – even your chest and back to get rid of all the sweat!

#2. Use a facial wash with a scrub in it at least 2x per week. This will help you get rid of the bumps you may be getting from sweat and will also help get all the junk out of your skin.

#3. Try not to wear make up while working out. 

#4. Always wear sunscreen!

#5. Eat yo greens. Eating healthy is the best thing you can do for your overall health and skin! What you put in your body reflects it all!

#6. Stay hydrated. Try to get in a gallon of water a day in.


We all want great glowing skin so start taking good care of it and it’ll happen!

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