Rest and Recovery Days

So everyone out there has learned about the lovely “rest days” .. it’s when you take off from your intense workouts to give your body a break to repair your muscles. Some people may go a little overboard on the rest days and take too many or people do the “no days off” type of training. It’s important to find the balance between the two and really give your body what it needs.


Working out actually tears your muscle fibers so it is crucial to to allow them to repair and rebuild them. Lack of rest could result in .. no progress, no strength gain, no weight loss, serious injuries, joint pain, fatigue and not a very good immune system. This is for all the runners, HIIT lovers, weight lifters, crossfitters! I am a total HIIT lover and hate steady state cardio so this is important for me as well. Doing intense workouts takes huge toll on your body so it’s super important to get those rest days in at least a minimum of one to two days per week, especially if you are hitting full body workouts 3-4 times per week.


Sometimes rest days can be very frustrating because you want get in the gym and get those results! If you are anything like me, taking my rest days makes me feel like i’m just lazy as hell and I usually just want to get moving. If you think like I do, just remember all the wear and tear you are putting on your body when you are working out. Remember that these rest days will actually get you to your goals quicker! If you still want to move on your rest days, try going for a walk or think of something that is more low intense – where you won’t break a sweat and you’re not totally out of breath.


Some of my favorite activities to do on my rest days are going on walks, taking casual bike rides, shopping, stretching and foam rolling.

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