The Right Way to Measure Your Progress

The #1 thing people use to measure their progress and their success is the scale. We get so caught up in the number when there are so many reasons why that number constantly fluctuates. There’s so many different factors that can change the number like the time you weigh in at, if you worked out the day before, if you haven’t drank enough water, if you drank too much water, the last time you used the bathroom etc. The scale could be a great thing but there are many other ways to measure your progress that’ll make you happier in the end.


Progress Pictures: Taking a picture of yourself before, during and after is a great way to measure progress because you can actually visually see the progress and see how your body is changing. Try not to look at them too often though, take a peak at them once a month or even go longer. Remember, change doesn’t happen overnight! It took you a long time to put you in the position where you are right now so don’t expect to have a miracle happen. When you are taking pictures try to take them in the same place every time, same lighting, wearing the same clothes and with the same angles. Take pictures of the front, side and back so you can see accurate changes with your body.



How your Clothes Fit: We all have been there when a shirt or a pair of jeans don’t fit well anymore and we are very aware when we feel uncomfortable in clothes. Pay attention to your clothes! Just because the scale isn’t moving doesn’t mean your clothes aren’t fitting better. That’s progress!


Energy Levels: Your moods are huge when it comes to your fitness journey. Who wants to be pissy all the time?! Leave that for your period not your diet. Take mental notes of how you feel daily. Most of the time you start feeling happier, have more energy before you actually start seeing physical results. So remember, just because you aren’t making physical results doesn’t mean you aren’t making progress! It’s hard for us to think about it like that because we just want to see our physical results already but this is a HUGE progress.


Any one of these tools are a perfect way to track your progress but always remember the best progress of all is how you are feeling each day and the healthy habits you are creating! Once you are happy, feeling good and creating daily healthy habits your results WILL come!

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