Plank Variations You NEED to Try Immediately

Planks a a killer full body exercise. Yes, I said full body. This single move primarily works your entire core but it also works your upper body, quads and even your glutes if performed properly. Holding a plank can often seem like forever and can be very hard (even boring) to hold for a long period of time. Today I’m going to give you multiple plank variations you can do instead of the basic holding plank that will make it fun and challenge your body even more..


First off, how do you even do a regular plank?

When getting into a plank you can either be on your hands of down on your forearms (your forearms is a harder position). When you are in the plank, you want to be as straight as a board, your butt shouldn’t be in the air nor should it be sagging down! When you are holding that position you need to remember that every single muscle in your body is as tight as possible. When i’m with my clients, I try to push them over – if they don’t move then they are solid! You want to focus especially on keeping your core as tight as possible – all while squeezing your quads and your the same time! It’s not an easy exercise to do so try this one out before you try the ones I’m about to go over below.


Variation #1: Plank Walks

This is pretty self explanatory. What you will be doing is starting out in the high plank position on your hands. From there you will keep your hips as square as possible (no swinging!) and start to walk one hand at a time along with your feet. This is a lateral movement so you will be going side to side. You can go back and forth or you can do ‘X’ amount of reps one way and ‘X’ amount of reps the other way to make sure you are hitting both sides.


Variation #2: High / Low Planks

Again, for all these exercises you will be starting in a plank position. For this one specifically you will be starting in a high plank. Once you are in that high plank, you will keep your hips as square as possible without any swaying. From there you will use one arm first to bring it down into that low plank position on your forearms and then you will bring the opposite arm down to follow it. Then you will go right back up in a high plank from that low plank position.

Variation #3: Plank Hip Dips

For this one, you will be starting in the low plank position on your forearms. Once you are in that solid low plank you will begin to bring your hips to one side dipping down and then going over to the next side – repeating.

Variation #4: Plank Tap outs 

Start in that high plank position. Use your yoga mat as a guide to where you should tap your feet out of. Start with one foot, tap it outside of the mat then bring it back in. Go to your next leg and do the same thing keeping your core nice and tight all throughout. If you want more of a challenge, use a circle band like I have in the video. 



Variation #5: Plank Pike Ups

Start in either a high plank or a low plank. What you want to do is pike your butt up to the sky extending your arms out. This is a serious core and shoulder killer! When your butt is up in the sky, bring it back down into a solid plank and repeat.

Put all these exercises together! Do 20-30 seconds per exercise and repeat 3-4x, you’ll sure be sweating after these.


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