How to Get Back On Track After Being Sick

Ugh! So guess what? I’ve been sick with this crazy cold for 3 days now. I am starting to feel better but boy, I was not able to do a thing for 2 whole days. I was so weak, tired and stuffy. Getting the chills, you name it! Right now, I’m still stuffy and my voice is gone but I have my energy back, thank the lord! When you have goals in mind this could be very frustrating to deal with. I FEEL YA!


Now, that I’m feeling better it’s time to get back at it though. I wanted to give you some tips on how to get back on track after feeling crummy.. whether you have a cold, the flu, stomach issues, your period.. it really throws our fitness routine off.


First things first, you want to make sure you haven’t had a fever within the last 48 hours, you no longer have any aches/pains and you want to make sure you’ve had a solid few nights of sleep in. If you still don’t have your energy back yet, it may be best to just get another night of quality sleep in to make sure your body is properly functioning. You could actually worsen your sickness if you jump right back into it with out the rest!


Secondly, it’s all about mindset. I know you have goals to crush and this sickness may seem like it just ruined everything but It didn’t, trust me. Yes, you may feel weaker like you lost all your progress but that’s just not true. Our bodies are amazing and go through an insane healing process so don’t stress about it! The best thing you can do is take it easy for your first few workouts.  Don’t feel like you have to back at 100% immediately, take it slow and go at about 65-70% of what you were doing. Try reducing your weight or your cardio for a few workouts and you will make up for the loss while you were sick! Build it back slowly even though you feel like you can do 100% you don’t want to go backwards from there.


Remember to make sure you are getting enough sleep and staying hydrated. If you are sick just take it easy babe! It’s not the end of the world, just stay positive and you’ll be back at crushing those goals soon!

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