Beginner? Here’s Why you Should Probably Start with Bodyweight Exercises

I know you are ready to hit the gym right away when you decided you want to make the amazing change and start to workout.

Most beginners, walk into the gym with no idea on what to do so they end up getting on the treadmill for a while and doing the basic machines without much knowledge of form, sets or repetitions they should be doing. Hey, that’s totally not a bad thing at all, you are DOING IT and that’s what counts girl!

I want to help you so you have a better understanding and help you get your results WAY quicker. Here are a few reasons why starting off with bodyweight exercises is best:

  1. You will be able to focus on form and get it down before adding weight. If you don’t have good form in any exercise, adding weight to a poor form will only lead to injury in the future. I want you to be able to workout for the rest of your life, we don’t want injuries! So instead of just piling on the weight – take time to go through each movement, think about what muscles you feel are working and focus on your breathing. There’s a lot that goes into a single exercise and doing it ALL together is hard especially with added weight.
  2. Bodyweight will still challenge you. No matter what physical level you are, there’s always going to be a bodyweight routine that will challenge you (trust me, I’ve created them) It’s all about starting with the basics so you get that foundation.
  3. Use equipment that still allow you to use your bodyweight. Yes, there’s equipment out there that use just your body weight still! The TRX will allow you to use your body weight and will allow you to progress forward to make moves even more challenging. Pick up a pair of Gliders and do mountain climbers! It’s still all body weight movements but in different ways.
  4. You Still Will Get Results. Just because you aren’t picking up weights doesn’t mean your body isn’t going to change. If you are a beginner, you will see a change because you are still challenging yourself and moving! So don’t think because you are not picking up weights that you won’t see any results, you will!

My suggestion is to start off doing bodyweight exercises to understand the movement and where you should feel it. Slowly start to add in dumbbells, medicine balls and other weights into your routine as you start to get comfortable with exercising. Remember you have to continue to progress forward so if it starts to get easy, start adding weights in so you can challenge and change your body!

Here’s 5 Bodyweight Exercises You Need to Nail before Adding Weight to Them

  1. Squat
  2. Push up
  3. Lunge
  4. Plank
  5. Deadlift
  6. Step up

Comment below if you are a beginner!


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